2014 Greece & Israel Passover Tour

10th April-1st May 2014

Are you ready for the trip of a lifetime!

This pilgrimage to see the land of the Bible is led by our Senior Pastors Vic and Robyn and has been taken by members of this church and other like minded pilgrims from around the world. Those who have made this trip have described it as life changing and have found reading their Bible a refreshingly new experience as they picture the places where Jesus lived, walked, taught and provided our salvation on the cross. You will learn the old and new history of this unique country – there really is nowhere else like it in the world! This year we are going to experience some of Passover in Israel, and celebrate with an authentic Passover meal, an amazing experience like no other.
Firstly we fly into Athens and spend 5 nights touring throughout Greece including Olympia, Corinth, Delphi and many other places. We then fly to Tel Aviv to begin the Passover week in Israel and will be taken by luxury coach by our expert guide to experience floating in the Dead Sea, Megiddo, Nazareth and Masada, sail on the Sea of Galilee, see the ruins of Beit Shean, Nimrod’s Fortress, Golan Heights overlooking the UN Base at Kuneitra and Capernaum, visit the Western Wall, Garden Tomb and much more. We will also visit with the Israeli Defence Force for an informative morning and also take part in an Archeological Dig at an excavation site in Jerusalem. We will experience the Holy Land during Passover, and all that goes with the celebration of this in the traditional Jewish style.
The new tour for April 2014 is on the website of Inner Faith Travel our agents now!  Those who have traveled with us before are entitled to a $200 discount on the price!

For more info and booking forms visit www.ift.net.au and follow the “Choose Your Tour” link to 2014 Greece & Israel Passover tour with Pastors Vic & Robyn Cinc

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